Saturday, 14 November 2015

Babysitter facing jail after sham marriage to 2 Nigerian men

Nigerians living in the UK.
A babysitter has been warned she faces jail after marrying a Nigerian illegal immigrant in a sham wedding to help him stay in the UK.
Emma Louise, 34, confessed to taking part in a ‘marriage of convenience’ with Kazeem Kolade but charges that she bigamously married a second man in another sham wedding
were later dropped.
Burnley Crown Court heard that her marriage to Kolade was annulled so that Evans could genuinely marry her partner Stephen Akinseye, 45, in January 2013. 
Initially Evans was accused of two suspected sham marriages - the first to Kolade and the second to Mr Akinseye - as well as a third charge of bigamy.
Now prosecutors have accepted the second marriage was neither bigamous nor fake and dropped the second sham marriage allegation.
Evans, of Burnley, Lancashire, will be sentenced for the one count of taking part in a 'marriage of convenience' on December 9.
Adjourning the case, Judge Harry Narayan told her: 'The fact that I am going to bail you in order for a pre-sentence report is no indication as to sentence.
'All sentencing options, including a custodial sentence, remain open to the court.'
Evans admitted taking part in the sham marriage to Kolade in order to assist his illegal immigration by deception, so the Nigerian could remain in the UK, the court heard.
The pair wed at Blackburn Register Office in July 2012. 
However, Evans strenuously denied bigamy, and also a third charge of taking part in a second sham marriage with Mr Akinseye at Burnley.
After her case was adjourned last year for further investigations, she was able to convince prosecutors she did not go on to bigamously marry Mr Akinseye.

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