Charlie Sheen Positive HIV Hero or Reckless Superstar?

Charlie Sheen Positive HIV Hero or Reckless Superstar?


Charlie Sheen HIV.
We have all heard of the unfortunate news of actor Charlie Sheen's status.I think the news of him being the HIV Positive Hollywood actor everyone wondered about,became the biggest open secret as the days went by.Watching Charlie Sheen at the news press conference,i could not help but feel sorry for this actor who had this brash and larger than life image.He stumbled and fumbled through his press conference and you could clearly see that this was not the Charlie Sheen lovable rogue that we were all used to.It must have been embarrassing and degrading to have to reveal your personal life out there to the whole world forcefully.If Charlie had decided to reveal his status on his own accord,it
would have been the most brave and therapeutic thing for him.But when you have been forced out,with the whole world also knowing this,it takes another turn.

He started by admitting he was speaking out because he had been blackmailed."I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub truths and very harmful and mercurial stories," he said.
"I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive," adding he was "not entirely sure" how he contracted the virus.
Sheen also said he had paid "upwards of $10 million" in recent years to "desperate charlatans" for their silence about his condition.
Now as you might expect,Charlie's revelation and health status has gotten so many reaction from all over the world.
A lot of people have been saying on social media that he had got what he deserved because he had been reckless and continually lived on the fast dangerous lane without no care or remorse.Others have said,nobody deserves to be plagued with the dreaded HIV disease and it was inhumane to celebrate Charlie's unfortunate plight.So is Charlie Sheen an HIV victim,hero or reckless superstar?

If you all could cast your mind back to some 3 or 4 years ago,we all thought Sheen was going to die.It was as if he was on a suicide mission.Everyday there was news about him,about how much cocaine and drugs he was taking a day,how many prostitutes he was sleeping with and how much bottle of booze he was consuming.In hindsight now,Charlie Sheen was depressed and trying hard to cope with his new health status.
But then again the devils advocate in me asks,what else did he expect when he was going around sleeping with porn stars,having unprotected s.ex,living with 3 women at a time and boasting of having been with hundreds of women?

Charlie Sheen HIV positive.
The sad part of this all is how people can take someone's misfortune and make money out of it.Charlie Sheen revealed that after his HIV positive diagnosis,he has been blackmailed severally by trusted ones and has paid out millions in the process.He said it all started with a prostitute who saw his medication and threatened to sell the story.What kind of people do we have in this world?
And also now,surely the police should be able to arrest and charge these people,they should all face jail.If something like this happens,then it will be a warning to many others who might wanna do this in future.The last time i looked ,blackmail was a jailable offence.It should be easy to prove that this went on,i'm sure Charlie didn't pay them in thousands of dollars in cash,so there must be bank and transaction records.

Charlie giving interview regarding his HIV status.
Charlie is facing more problems though,it has been alleged that he had unprotected s.ex with many partners without informing them of his status.One of the top LA lawyers revealed he has had 4 ladies contact him with plans to sue and he is meeting more women.So it's looking really bad for Charlie Boy.All those millions he made from his hit show two and a half men may very well disappear.At the peak of his powers,he was paid $1.8m per episode on the show.A lot of it has been wasted on drugs and prostitutes,but it seems there's even more to go.

If he truly did not reveal his status,that is a despicable thing to do.But the actor denied this saying, it was "impossible" that he had transmitted the virus to anyone else. He said he "always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition."
In an open letter the star wrote...

Charlie Sheen open letter.

Roughly four years ago, I suddenly found myself in the throws [sic] of a seismic and debilitating three-day clustermigraine like headache. I was emergently hospitalized with what I believed to be a brain tumor or perhaps some unknown pathology. I was partially correct. Following a battery of endless tests, that included a hideous spinal tap, it was sadly and shockingly revealed to me that I was, in fact, positive for HIV.
The news was a ‘mule kick’ to my soul. Those impossible words I absorbed and then tried to convince myself, that I was stuck, suspended, or even stranded inside some kind of alternate reality or nightmare, were to the absolute contrary. I was awake. It was true … reality.
Under the brilliant and perfect care of Dr. Robert Huizenga as well as “the” leading infectious disease expert in the known universe, I began a rigorous and intensive treatment program. Not missing a beat, a med dose, or one shred of guidance, quickly my viral loads became undetectable. Like every other challenge in my life, again, I was victorious and kicking this disease’s ass. I wish my story had ended there. Unfortunately, for my family and myself, it had only just begun.
The personal disbelief, karmic confusion, shame and anger lead to a temporary yet abysmal decent into profound substance abuse and fathomless drinking. It was a suicide run. Problem was, I’d forgotten that I’m too tough for such a cowardly departure. Yet, despite this loathsome and horrific odyssey, I was vigilant with my anti-viral program. My medical team could only shake their heads as each and every blood test returned levels revealing a state of remission. Even though I might have been trying to kill myself, one thing was radically evident; the disease was not.
In and around this perplexing and difficult time, I dazedly chose (or hired) the companionship of unsavory and insipid types. Regardless of their salt-less reputations, I always lead with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition. Sadly, my truth soon became their treason, as a deluge of blackmail and extortion took center stage in this circus of deceit.
To date, I have paid out countless millions to these desperate charlatans.
Locked in a vacuum of fear, I chose to allow their threats and skullduggery to vastly deplete future assets from my children, while my “secret” sat entombed in their hives of folly. (or so I thought)
News Flash: This ends today. I’m claiming back my freedom. The scales of justice will swiftly and righteously rebalance themselves.
In conclusion, I accept this condition not as a curse or scourge, but rather as an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity to help others. A challenge to better myself. Every day, of every month, of every year, countless individuals go to work, man their stations, fulfill their professional obligations with a host of disabilities. Diseases, imperfections, hurdles, detours. These maladies range from Lupus to Cancer, from paralysis to blindness, from Diabetes to obesity. “Treated,” HIV is no different.
My partying days are behind me. My philanthropic days are ahead of me.


By Queen Olofofo.

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