Controversies of Nigerian bleaching and plastic Surgery celebrities

Controversies of Nigerian bleaching and plastic Surgery celebrities

dabota lawson before and after
Dabota Lawson in her dark skinned days.

Nigerian bleached celebrities.
There has been so much talk about the new instagram celebrities we have now a days and how they have altered their looks.A few of these new social media celebrities that have been in the spotlight over this subject are,Toke Makinwa,Dabota Lawson,Freda Francis to mention a few.The bone of contention with these girls usually is how they bleached or
altered their looks with plastic surgery.For me,even though i am not a fan of bleaching,i say whatever makes you happy is what you should do.My only pet hate is when i see those who bleach and look dreadful because they have black patches all over the place.If you are gonna do it,do it properly like Dencia,Toke Makinwa,Freda Francis and even Dabota Lawson here.
nigerian celebrities who bleach
Dabota Lawson before and after plastic surgery..
We might not like to hear it,but some of these girls look better with their newly found skin or altered body parts.Life is too short like i said,if it makes you feel better do it.Its your life and nobody's.
dabota lawson bleaching
Dabota Lawson after her skin bleaching.

These new pictures above of Dabota Lawson emerged of when she was darker.I must say i actually preferred her then.She looked a natural beauty.
The picture suggests she might have had some plastic surgery done as well,there certainly has been rumours.Dabota was reported to have had a nose job and liposuction.

Another rumoured Nigerian celebrity who had plastic surgery is said to be Rukky Sanda.I have actually read reports that Rukky admitted to having a nose job and said plastic surgery was not a sin.Indeed its not a sin.Rukky also had her skin lightened drastically.
Rukky Sanda before and after
Rukky Sanda before and after her rumoured plastic surgery.
You can still be beautiful as a dark woman,there are many dark and lovely ladies,Linda Ikeji,Genevieve Nnaji,Kelly Rowland are some of the most beautiful ladies in the world.They are dark sexy and lovely.But its a preference thing.Some do it cos they are insecure and think they will get more attention if they are lighter ,while some just love the fair skin complexion.

Its not a criminal offence,as long as you are not doing it in a way that would put your health in danger ,good luck to you.

The way i see dark skin and light skin is this.Dark skin is for those who like to be beautiful,natural without being flashy.Light skin is the opposite of all those skin,if you like attention,are the flashy type and likes all the glitz,then light skin will be your thing.

Lets all live,once again,it's your life and don't let anyone decide what you do with it,take care of No 1 first and be happy.

Queen Olofofo
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