Man caught stealing church offering during church in Florida.

man caught in florida stealing church offerings

Man caught stealing during church.
A church usher was caught on surveillance cameras in Florida stealing from the offering baskets as the congregation closed their eyes and bowed their heads in prayer.
Marion Condis, 60, was arrested in Florida and charged with one count of grand theft and
three counts of petit theft on Sunday.

The man was one of the church ushers and he stole $349.05 church offering from plate. He has since been arrested and charged with stealing and now faces five years in prison. 
When Condis later approached the church altar, detectives made contact with him and recovered a total of $349.05 from his pockets.

photo man caught in florida stealing church offeringspicture of man caught in florida stealing church offerings
When they asked about where he got the money, Condis insisted it was his and denied involvement in the theft.
But when detectives questioned him further, he claimed that he was in the process of putting the money back on the altar.
Detectives then escorted him out of the church and took him into custody.
Condis was released from the Marion County Jail after posting a $3,500 bond on Sunday evening.

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image man caught in florida stealing church offerings

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