N.aked Ketchup girl arrested and charged by Police for inciting riot!

N.aked Ketchup girl arrested and charged by Police for inciting riot!

Ketchup girl Angelic Isabella Valle

I'm amazed how the woman dubbed the ketchup girl could have been arrested by authorities.Especially after her father had told them she had mental issues.It doesn't take a genius to know that girl was not mentally okay.If anybody was to be arrested,it should be all those people goading her on,touching her,pouring Ketchup over her,touching her and taking pictures.
The Ketchup girl had infamously taking her clothes off at a diner with people present cheering her won.It was disgusting and sad frankly.
Angelic Isabella Valle, 23, from South Florida is charged with incite to riot, indecent

exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct, at the Johnny Rockets on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, police said. 
According to NBC Miami, her father appeared in court and told the judge she has mental issues.

The video, which was posted to World Star Hip Hop, shows the woman, dubbed 'ketchup girl' taking her clothes off as she's surrounded by men in the middle of the busy restaurant. 
It has more than one million views and more than 13,000 comments, most of which express disgust in her actions.I am equally shocked that she was abused online,just shows that most of the people who go on social media to pass comments are not very intelligent or sharp.You surely must know that the woman was not all there.Do you abuse someone who is mentally unwell or do you hop she gets help and have sympathy for her?I really feel sorry for the girl and she will forever have that terrible video online to haunt her,it might even make it more difficult for her to get well.She will forever be dubbed the ketchup girl,very sad indeed.

In a video posted on her Instagram account on Thursday Valle seemed unrepentant. She wrote: 

'Ya'll just mad 'cause you weren't there.'That s--t was fun now that I remember it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, arrest me, it was fun. Take me to jail. It was fun. And everybody looked like they were having fun too so yeah.'
But after police tracked her down and she realized that she was going to be arrested she posted another message on Instagram:
'I'm going to jail tonight remember me okay? I love all of you guys.'

Police are still investigating the incident and looking for one of the men seen touching her genitals in the video.
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