Nana Aba Anamoah sacked from Tv3 shows how stupid some Africans are!

Nana Aba Anamoah sacked from Tv3 shows how stupid some Africans are!

Tv3 Nana Aba Anamoah photoshop

I have heard some ridiculous things in all my time on this earth and the Nana Aba sacking or resignation,however you wanna see it, is one of the stupidest and most ridiculous things i have known!
Nana Aba Anamoah of TV3 has resigned from the Kanda-based Television station. Nana resigned following her suspension from the television station about a month ago.

The Tv personality had earlier sparked a Twitter storm when she tweeted pictures suggesting she was at Old Trafford to watch her favorite team, Manchester United after photo-shopping herself into them. The photos were later discovered not to be her own and
that she was not at the stadium during the game. She was later criticized and mocked on social media for doing such a 'low thing'.

She later explained the photo-shopping was nothing but a prank, but many people didn’t believe that.Now,who can really tell if she was having fun or not and playing a prank with her fans? And even if she was not,since when is saying she was at a football match important enough to get the sack?
The photoshop picture Nana Aba Anamoah

The management of TV3 however described her action as an “online photo theft” and suspended her shortly afterwards.  A statement signed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Augustus Dickson on that Saturday October 3 said “After preliminary investigations internally, and in accordance with TV3’s own commitment to the highest level of professionalism, management has decided to take Nana off air until further notice.Do they know what photoshop is at all? Has she used the picture to make money or profit? Even the President of America has his pictures photoshopped,do you hear them prosecute anyone for theft? It is social media ,it is fun,that's what ts all about.It's only if the picture was done to make money off someone else's intellectual property you can start saying stuff like that.

original image.

Online theft? Theft from who? Did the owner of the picture call them to say their picture has been stolen? 
Africa is the only place where you will see corrupt government officials retain their posts while someone will get sacked for a harmless photoshop picture on social media.

Many of Nana Aba's followers criticized TV3 heavily describing the suspension that was made public as highhanded and unfair. There had been a huge campaign on social media with many influential personalities calling for her reinstatement considering her enormous contribution to the network almost in a decade, but they turned deaf ears to them.

The amiable lady has now resigned from the tv station. It is not clear what her next move will be. A lot of her fans have described her resignation as what TV3 will regret.

If i were Miss Anamoah,i would definitely sue TV3.Sacking or forcing her to retire over a photoshopped picture of a football match on social media is madness!

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