Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nigeria house of representatives calls for censorship on social media.

Nigeria house of representatives
I actually agree with this.The contents on some social media sites these days is shocking! What is more shocking and worrying is the fact that our children use these mediums as young as the age of 10.When i was that age i had no access to things like that,it was not even in my thoughts.But now,these images and contents slap our kids right in the face,and it is a fact that what yoiu read or see constantly stays in your consciousness.So regarding
p.ornography,i do agree that it should be censored.
However like all things in Nigeria,we tend to overdo things and overstep our boundaries,i hope they don't abuse the censorship.

The House of Representatives says its call for censorship on social media is for telecommunications company to develop applications or softwares that will pull down all pornographic materials on Nigeria's social media. A statement from the House reads
"The House has prevailed upon the telecommunications service providers to either develop or acquire software that will block or filter-out certain images or contents that violate both moral and religious values in Nigeria.
Passing a resolution on a motion moved by Hon. Johnbull Shekarau calling for the censoring of social media, he prayed the House to urge the telecoms service providers to initiate a take-down procedure that will enable a swift removal of any p.ornographic materials when notified by network users. He advised that this could be done by dedicating a hotline that will receive and treat complaints.
The resolution passed on the motion by the House include:

• The Nigerian Communication Commission to create significant barriers to the misuse of mobile networks and services, phones and other devices used for the perpetration of such immoral contents. The House, however subscribed to the opinion of the mover of the motion that not censoring inappropriate and illicit material like p.ornography, sexual and homosexual ones on platforms such as YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc is a threat to the moral values and decency of the Nigerian society.

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