Nnamdi Kanu's father says my son will never stop fighting for Biafra!

Nnamdi Kanu's father says my son will never stop fighting for Biafra!

Nnamdi kanu parents

Nnamdi Kanu Biafra.
The father of detained radio Biafra exec,Nnamdi Kanu has called for his son's release, insisting he won't stop fighting for Biafra.. HRM (Eze) Israel Okwu Kanu (JP) a traditional ruler of Isiama Afara,in Umuahia,Abia state sat down with the SUN where he talked about his son's struggles 

When asked how he feels about Nnamdi’s arrest and detention, he has this to say:
“Nnamdi is my first son. His arrest pains me a lot; it is not when I start crying like a child before people will know that his arrest is paining me to the marrow. That chap has no problem, he is not a noisemaker, rather he abhors injustice. Since he was born, he had not exchanged words with we, the parents or even the siblings, always sitting quietly when we are having family meetings, but he always made quality inputs”.
On his son's arrest for fighting for Biafra, he said 

“It was not justified at all be­cause he is fighting for the freedom of the Igbo with his mouth and without a machete or gun. It is only that mouth Nnamdi is using to demand the freedom of the Igbo and whether the Federal Government likes it or not, he will continue to speak just as I used to do which made me to represent my people three times as a local government councillor. Talking runs in our blood stream and it will be difficult for Nnam­di to stop talking”.

 He appealed to the FG to release his son stating..

 “I will first of all start with the Federal Govern­ment, I’m appealing to them to release my son, he has not come to wage war against the country and the Nigerian constitution made provision for free­dom of speech and nothing will debar him from speaking. President Muhammadu Buhari should understand that the agitation for Biafra did not start with Nnamdi. If Buhari has any bad plans against Nnamdi, he should hands off because all of us want that freedom. As for Ndigbo, they should join Nnamdi in seeing to the actualization of Biafra. I’m not always happy that my son is putting his all in the struggle, the other man, Uwazuruike will be some­where behaving as if Nnamdi is his enemy. I’m also not happy that since Nnamdi was arrested, no gov­ernor from this zone or a known politician for that matter has ever asked for his release, it is not good. I don’t know whether they are afraid to speak out.
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