Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oscar Pistorius smiling selfie photo with Sharman sparks outrage in South Africa

This picture just shows how insensitive Oscar Pistorius is.The man has no clue.You killed your girl friend and got released from jail after serving less than a year.What should a man with empathy do?Keep his head down of course and quietly serve his house arrest.But Oscar had other ideas.
The former athlete (right) who was released from prison a few weeks back after being
convicted of manslaughter in the death of his ex, was seen in a selfie shared by his friend, rugby player Brett Sharman (left), smiling and looking happy. The twitter post with caption #WeekendVibes sparked an outrage in South Africa, prompting Sharman to delete it. It's Oscar's first photo since his release from prison. 

After being heavily criticised for sharing the photo showing a smiling Pistorius, Sharman claimed it was not a new photo but later said it was a stupid thing for him to. Guess people are not ready to see Oscar, who is still under house arrest, smiling yet!

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