Friday, 13 November 2015

2Face ex Pero Adeniyi makes ultimate sacrifice and gives Mother kidney in USA

Pero Adeniyi,the mother 3 of  Tuface Idibia's sons,gave the ultimate gift overnight in a Maryland hospital,United States of America when she gave her kidney to save her mother's life.Pero's mother had been in need of a kidney due to her's not functioning anymore.Luckily Pero who said her mother
was the most important woman in her, was on hand to give her mother the most precious gift of all.

The operation took place Thursday/Friday overnight.Both Pero and her mother have now recovered and are doing well.
Kidney ailments are becoming something of a curse in Nigeria now.So many people are having failed kidneys.Not everyone is lucky with donors though.You find that at a moment of need like this,a lot of people disappear.

I don't pray for anyone to ever be ill to the extent they require a transplant or donor.But if we ever do,i pray anyone of us finds a guiding angel like Pero Adeniyi who will selflessly donate wholeheartedly.

It's funny cos i think this is the first time that Nigerians are seeing a side of Pero that is not lined with 2Face,we are used to the headlines Pero Adeniyi and Tuface Idibia,or Pero and her sons.
Wish mother and daughter a speedy recovery.


  1. Well done Pero. That´s love for mother- She deserves all. I wish they can stop addressing her using 2face. Well having 3 kids with him means it will be so for the rest of her life.

  2. Oh yes. She has a very sweet personality. Its amazing how people's characters can be assassinated online.
    It takes an angel to be an Organ donor and I am so proud of this sweet sweet soul.
    Wishing speedy recovery to her mother and herself.