Rick Ross has lucky escape from engagement to Lisa but why are rappers so blind?

Rick Ross has lucky escape from engagement to Lisa but why are rappers so blind?

 rick ross and lira galore

Is anyone surprised at Rick Ross' broken engagement with serial groupie Lira Galore?If he had gone ahead with the wedding ,he would have been the biggest fool in the rap world!
How embarrassing,this was a girl who was throwing herself so cheaply at two of the artists signed to Rick Ross' label.And after seeing those pictures of Lira and Meek Mill where she was almost naked sitting on his legs,would you doubt that they know each other more than
you and i know her?

It's a lesson to those who live their lives on social media that your past will curely come back to haunt you if you throw everything out there.The tweets of Lira Galore to Wale and Meek Mill was pretty embarrassing.It was so obvious that she was offering herself to the highest bidder or any bidder at all.

And big mouth Wendy Williams was right.Only a couple of weeks ago she was saying she gave the union of Rick Ross and Lira G a few months and they will break up,stating Lira with her galore of activities(pun intended) was not a marriage material.

The $350,000 ring Rick Ross bought for Lira Galore and has reportedly taken back!
Now officer Ricky has broken off the engagement and gist is that he not only broke it off .but got his ring back.

Rick Ross is said to have gotten his expensive engagement ring back from his ex-fiancee. On Monday, Lira posted a photo of herself still wearing the 11 carat $350k ring, a day after they broke up, igniting rumours that Rick must have left the ring for her.

It was later cleared to be an old photo, as Rick has the ring firmly in his possession. TMZ tells is they broke off the engagement at Rick's home and when Lira left she was not wearing the ring. We do not know the circumstances under which the ring left her finger for his hand.

In Georgia, an engagement ring is a "gift in contemplation of marriage", meaning if the couple doesn't get married, the guy gets it back.

I really cannot understand these rappers anyway,maybe its all that weed,but they marry the most obvious gold diggers.Are they blind or just plain stupid? Very few of them make the right decisions with their love life.Snoop Dogg got it right when he stuck with his child hood girl friend.He almost lost her recently,and was smart enough to woo her back.

Why would you wanna marry a good time girl who takes off her clothes at every opportunity and has been with half the people in the industry you work with? Is love that blind?

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