Thursday, 5 November 2015

Saraki lawyers walk out as CCT rule that his trial must continue on Nov 19

Looks like we are really seeing a new Nigeria in some aspects.This is the 3rd most powerful 
person in Nigeria and he is not having things his way.
The Code of Conduct Tribunal has ruled that Senate President Bukola Saraki code of conduct bureau trial must continue. Saraki is standing trial on a 13 count charge of false
asset declaration while he was governor of Kwara state. The Code of Conduct Tribunal in its ruling, said the trial must continue despite Saraki's appeal at the Supreme court. Lawyers to the senate president walked out of the court and reportedly described the CCT's ruling as judicial rascality. 
That is really funny,judicial rascality indeed,things are really getting hot in the kitchen.

Dr. Saraki had asked for a month to reconstitute his defence,when his appeal to postpone the case was rejected.However, lawyer to the federal government kicked against it saying that it is another way for the Senate President to “get what he wants”.The tribunal however ruled that it will give the Senate President one week to reconstitute his legal team.

Saraki court case was adjourned to November 19th for trial...
No fewer than 35 senators were said to have accompanied Saraki to the trial.But why?Haven't these men got better things to do than accompany a man that obviously has something to hide?


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