Monday, 9 November 2015

Vivica Fox 50 cent and Souljaboy engage in hilarious gay battle online!

Vivica Fox 50 cent.
This is so funny.A Bunch of old pensioners acting like kiddies.Vivica Fox should not have gone there with 50 cent.This is a fight she can't win.50 cent thrives on this kind of b.ullshit! But i guess she is still bitter in the way 50 dumped her,lol,You all remember 50 cent and Vivica Fox had a thing back in the day right?..I must say she is given back as good as she is getting though,really funny,Now here is the gist.
Vivica Fox suggested  that 50 Cent is gay citing his XXL cover with Soulja Boy. Vivica A. Fox in the interview said that 50 Cent looked like a “booty snatcher” on that cover. Soulja
clapped back, lol..

soulja boy vs vivica fox

Damn! 50cent can be really mean,just like a girl,lol,this is hilarious.She probably did to.

You must agree the whole thing is funny,especially the last 50 cent and Souljaboy meme.So who is gonna win the  war? Stay on this channel


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