Which fools are paying Karrueche millions to come to Abuja Nigeria?

Which fools are paying Karrueche millions to come to Abuja Nigeria?

karrueche in Nigeria

Karrueche Nigeria.
Some people truly do have more money than sense.Otherwise,why would they be shelving out thousands of dollars and millions of Naira to bring Karrueche to Nigeria to host a party? Who the hell is Karrueche? What has she achieved with her life? What has she done? This is a girl who is only famous for being a girlfriend of a hip hop musician.I just find the whole thing crazy.And they assign her body guards as if she was actually someone important?But then again,it shows the kind of people that will be at their so called party.They are all a bunch of air heads with no ideas.But then again to be fair,i guess a pool party hostess is just about her thing.It just makes me mad that so much money would be wasted.There are women in Africa or Nigeria who are 10 times more beautiful and could play that part,and they won't cost half what Karrueche is costing them,but as the saying goes,a fool is easily parted from his money!

Karrueche who is the ex girl friend of singer Chris Brown is in Abuja Nigeria to host a pool party.And while she is there she shall also be talking about solutions to terrorism in the world as well as a cure for HIV Aids.These are just some of the reasons why she is so important to the world and had to be allocated body guards.

Karrueche in Abuja Nigeria

karrueche visits Nigeria Abuja
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