Why the victory of Taraba's Aisha Alhassan leaves me with pondering thoughts.

Why the victory of Taraba's Aisha Alhassan leaves me with pondering thoughts.

Mrs Alhassan taraba state governor elect by tribunal

We have all heard the news of the Taraba State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja nullifying the election of Governor Darius Ishaku of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
I am not sure how to receive the news of Mrs Alhassan emerging as the new Governor of Taraba state.Not because i am not happy a woman has emerged a governor or anything silly like that.But why do we always have to challenge election results in Nigeria and Africa
generally?Now because this is so frequent,it puts a stain on those who were actually wronged in elections.I am a bit sceptical in Mrs Alhassan emerging victorious now because she is from the ruling party.I would have had more faith if she was from the PDP.Now don't get me wrong,Aisha Ahassan might very well be the legitimate winner of the Taraba governorship elections,but once again like i said,because we are used to seeing political parties wanting to win by all means and costs,it makes you sceptical

I hope she really did win the election and there was no politricks,if she did ,then kudos and well done to her,but somehow i don't think this is over.Bet your last plate of Jollof rice that the opposition will challenge this victory until it is legally impossible.With this happening,how can their be a rhythm in TARABA STATE?Imagine all that the previous government had done,it will all be scrapped now,they will start all over again.More confusion and more Nigerian money being wasted.

‎The tribunal headed by Justice Musa Danladi Abubakar declared the gubernatorial candidate of the APC in the state, Senator Aisha Jumai Alhassan‎, as the bonafide winner of the April 11 governorship poll.

Mrs. ‎Alhassan was among the 36 minister-designates who were cleared by the Senate last week to take up Ministerial appointment in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

But i guess now she has higher and bigger fishes to fry,congratulations to her and i hope this is where the madness ends,so the people of Taraba state can start to see their lives and state changing for the better.
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