Zimbabwe and Kenya engage in hilarious twitter fight

Kenya vs Zimbabwe twitter

What is it with Africans and black people? Why are we always attacking each other? Why can't we just be united as one.Even though this latest attack of Zimbabweans and Kenyans is funny at times,deep withing lies a deeper and more serious issue.Remember how South Africa was killing Africans recently?
A few days ago it was Nigeria and Kenya twitter war,now Kenyans and Zimbabweans had a twitter fight two days go after a Kenyan news outlet, The Spectator, published a false article saying that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe made a defamatory comment about Kenyans. The report has now been discredited. Spectator quoted
Mugabe as saying
"Those people of East Africa shock me with their wizardry in stealing. Sometimes I tend to believe that stealing is in every Kenyan's blood….You can even think that there is a subject in their universities called Bachelor of Stealing".

Well,even though like i said this was discredited,the Kenyan's weren't gonna take this lying down ..and then proper Wahala followed..See the memes and tweets that followed and gave you the Zimbabwe and Kenya twitter war 

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