Buhari said No to N400m car proposal for the presidency!

There has been so many rumours regarding Buhari recently and how much he was reportedly spending on certain things after his budget proposal.It is then refreshing to hear him make these revelations.
The President said he will be exploring the possibility of stopping National Assembly members from spending N4.5 billion on car purchase when they still collect transportation allowances. He said he turned down a N400 million car proposal for the presidency

"I turned down a N400million car proposal for the presidency. I said the cars I have are good enough for 10 years. We are having problem with the National Assembly regarding TSA. I have to holding a closed-door meeting with the National Assembly regarding the cars they are trying to buy. I hope they haven't bought them yet.
They can't buy cars for themselves and also take money in car loans. I can't see the National assembly paying 4.5 Billion Naira to buy cars after collecting transport allowance. I will revisit that story. We have to live within our means."he said

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