Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Diddy sets up Kim Porter for life as he throws her birthday party.

It's amazing that no matter how long these rappers have been making money for and no matter how much they have in their accounts,they are still synonymous to certain trashy behaviour.
Diddy threw a house party for his baby mama Kim Porter over the weekend and video from the party was leaked by guest Tyrese. While wishing her a happy birthday, he said 'she's
set for life'. I see no reason why he has to make such a cheap revelation publicly.Are we supposed to give you a medal for setting up a woman who gave you three children for life? If you are worth close to half a billion dollars and the mother of your kids is not set for life,you should be ashamed! I just think some things are better kept in house.I find that statement he made pretty embarrassing.


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