Fayose says Obasanjo is now Aso Rock beggar & also threatens Buhari.

Fayose says Obasanjo is now Aso Rock beggar & also threatens Buhari.

Hahaha,i don't know who Ayodele Fayose detests most,Obasanjo or Buhari.I never thought he could hate anyone as much as Obasanjo till Buhari came along.Fayose is the underdog who is refusing to go away like that terribly bad toothache you have.He is hanging in there and determined to fight and speak his mind whatever may come.I don't always agree with the man,but i agree with him 100% with the question he asks about why Obasanjo keeps going back to Aso Rock incessantly and what exactly he was still looking
for at the age 80!
In his latest attack on Obasanjo,the Ekiti state Governor says he is more politically relevant than former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Fayose added that as the number one citizen of Ekiti State, he wields more power than Obasanjo who “goes to Abuja to beg President Muhammadu Buhari for political favours.” The governor said this during a press conference in Lagos on Sunday.

He said, “I was governor without a godfather. I was governor for three years but Obasanjo took me out. Obasanjo is now an expired man today and I am still more than relevant. He is expired. He goes to Aso Rock every week to go and beg.

“How many times did Buhari visit him (Obasanjo) when he was President? Buhari did not go to Aso Rock throughout. He didn’t even go for Council of State meetings. What is Obasanjo looking for in the Villa? A man of 80! What is he looking for?

“He keeps writing to Presidents to nominate ministers for them. That was Goodluck Jonathan’s offence. Enough is enough.”

Fayose said he had discovered a plot by Buhari to remove him from office.

He faulted the setting up of the Nigerian Army’s Board of Inquiry to investigate alleged malpractices and involvement of its personnel in the 2014 Ekiti and Osun states governorship elections.

The governor said since the All Progressives Congress had failed to upturn his victory at the Supreme Court, the APC-led Federal Government was planning to present the army panel’s report to the Supreme Court and ultimately remove him from office.

Fayose, however, warned that if he was removed from office, against the wishes of the people of Ekiti State, Buhari’s government would be ‘brought down’.

He said the international community, including the United States, had described the 2014 Ekiti governorship election as free and fair. He, therefore, wondered why the APC could not respect the will of the people.

He noted that even during the 2015 National and House of Assembly elections, the Peoples Democratic Party won all the seats which showed that the PDP was popular in Ekiti State.

He said, “The APC and the President are the ones behind this. That military panel was selected to do a hatchet job. The same military handled the elections in Ekiti and Osun states. Why are they singling out Ekiti? The PDP won in Ekiti while the APC won in Osun and heaven did not fall.”

Fayose said he would continue to tell the truth even at the risk of being murdered.

“I am going places, I have history to make. I am going higher and higher. The very day Buhari’s administration faces me, his government will come down. I am a child of destiny,” he said.

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