Monday, 14 December 2015

Nollywood actor Dede One Day dies suddenly in Abia state

Dede One Day dead.
Nigerian comedian and actor Dede One Day has died.This really makes me really sad especially as his death could have been easily preventable.The way Dede One Day died suggests without a shadow of a doubt that he died from a heart attack brought on by high blood pressure.Why is there not more awareness about high blood pressure in Africa?It is
the biggest single killer in the world.It is called the silent killer cos you can be supposedly healthy as can be and just drop dead without warning.Simple change of diet ,exercise and medication could have kept Dede alive.

Dede One Day the Nollywood comedian who died suddenly in Abia State.

See the uncompleted mansion Dede One Day left behind here...

The Nollywood movies star died in the early hours of this morning after he slumped while anchoring an event in Obehi in Abia state. He was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead. He was in his 40s. May his soul rest in peace.Really sad.Such an unnecessary waste of life.It really is time the government has a multi million campaign encouraging people to have their blood pressure regularly checked.I know there are some campaigns,but it is not vast enough.How many more Dede One Day's have to die?

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