David and Carol Martin are £33m winners of Britain's biggest lottery!

David and Carol Martin are £33m winners of Britain's biggest lottery!

Britain's biggest lottery winners. 
A couple from the Scottish Borders today revealed that they realised they had won half of the historic £66million lottery jackpot while tucking into a bacon and black pudding roll.
David and Carol Martin, from Hawick in the Scottish borders, have been named as winners of £33million, half of the UK's biggest-ever Lotto jackpot.

Mr Martin said the couple, both 54, stared at each other silently for 15 minutes when they found out, before celebrating their windfall with lots of cups of tea because they don't own champagne flutes.
He added:

 'I've dreamt of this moment many times but when it actually came, it was a just total shock.'We were both stunned into silence. We kept re-checking the numbers as we thought there must be a mistake.

The handyman revealed the first thing he wanted to do was 'buy myself a nice pair of £200 brogues' as well as a range rover for him and an automatic for his wife, who works at a local Boots chemist. 
The Martins' winning ticket, which was bought from Morrisons, sat on their mantelpiece overnight Saturday and the couple did not check it until the following morning when prompted by friends.

 The Martins said at a press conference this morning that their first purchase will be a first-class ticket home for their daughter, who is working for a recruitment company in Australia..

Mr Martin, who has a heart condition, also revealed he was keen to help flood victims battered by recent storms, while on a personal front he spoke about going to a number of live sporting events.

He talked about going to Wimbledon and the Masters golf tournament and was also keen on buying a holiday home.
The 54-year-old, works for Borders Care and Repair which helps elderly and disabled fit equipment in their homes.
The couple, who have been married for 28 years, are planning to retire as soon as possible and said they would love a new home in the country, local to where they live now, and a holiday home in the sun.

Mr Martin said:
 'It’s everyone’s dream to win the lottery. I’ve talked about winning and what I would do so many times. But now it’s actually here my mind’s gone blank.We don’t have all the answers yet but we’d like to help our closest friends and family, and there are charities which are important to us too.

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