Lai Mohammed says those who stole Nigeria's money have Tv and Radio stations!

Lai Mohammed made a startling revelation over the weekend.Well,some people don't think its that startling though.
While speaking at a meeting with Nigerian entertainers in Lagos over the weekend, Minister of Information and Culture, said those who stole Nigeria dry have newspapers, Radio and Television stations and are very powerful people in the society. He added that the fight
against corruption by the Buhari administration is already getting global attention ...

"The federal government is delighted that the anti-corruption war being led by President Muhammadu Buhari has been acknowledged and applauded on a global stage. It is particularly gratifying that in that speech, Mr Kerry made the link between corruption and terrorism. We agree that corruption is indeed a radicaliser because it destroys faith in legitimate authority. Let me remind you, gentlemen, that radicalisation is a key causative factor of terrorism. We know that those who stole us dry are powerful. They have newspapers, radio and television stations and an army of supporters to continuously deride the government’s war against corruption. But we are undaunted and will not relent until corruption is also decimated.”he said

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