Steve Harvey denies Miss Universe blunder was on purpose and explains how it happened.

Steve Harvey Miss Universe blunder.
Steve Harvey has once again,taken responsibility for the Miss Universe blunder, denying reports it was intentional .On his radio show, Harvey denied purposely mixing up the Miss Universe winner 
“Why the hell what I do that?, I’m already famous. Do you really think I wanted to be famous like this?”“Did I make a mistake? Yes I did. But I’m not in the finger pointing business and rolling other people under the bus.
On how the mistake happened

When the mistake was made, when I said the wrong woman’s name, I could only give the information that I had, and that information is not on the teleprompter because you’ve got two women standing there,” Harvey said. “I read what was on the teleprompter, then I read what was on the card the difference being on the card it said first runner up.
On the confusion after the blunder,he said
I've got a guy in my ear going, ‘We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to do something.’ That’s what it was, utter confusion, everybody backstage. So I took it upon myself and I walked out there to do something.
“Now, all them people, they know how it really go… Ain’t nobody walked out there with me.”All I heard was confusion backstage.

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