Wanted Tompolo says he will appear in court at his own time!

Tompolo and EFCC court case.
How can you be due in court and then turn around and say you will appear in your own time?Apparently,some people can do this.
Former Niger Delta militant leader, Tompolo, says he is ready to appear before the Federal
High Court sitting in Lagos to answer to charges of corruption leveled against him by EFCC. He however said he will only appear before the court at the "appropriate time".

Speaking through his Media Adviser, Paul Bebenimibo, today January 28th, Tompolo denied reports that he wanted to commence war against the Federal Government.

He said that having accepted amnesty in 2009, he is not interested in getting into any kind of violent act. He also refuted claims that he was behind the recent three-day bombing of crude oil and gas pipelines in Delta state.

“Tompolo has no reason to bomb pipelines because of EFCC case, he knows he is innocent. As he has stated in several occasions, he will appear in court at the appropriate time as his lawyers are working towards that,” he said
On claims that he owns warships, Tompolo said
“it is the biggest lie of the year, as the military is also aware of the boats and pick-up vans he purchased in 2011 for the surveillance of oil facilities as he was working hand in hand with the military then. Tompolo is a man of peace and he is poised for the development of the coastal Niger Delta region. He prays that this matter be amicably resolved so that everyone will know that he always put his people above his person gains. And true to his fears, these set of APC chieftains that joined the party immediately after the presidential election of 2015, were the first people to accuse him of bombing the pipelines to divert public attention".

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