Woman with weird tattooed eyebrows hits back at trolls on Facebook!

Weird eyebrows
A woman, Mandy Lamrini, from Berlin, has been the target of cruel online trolls after posting a selfie of her newly-tattooed eyebrows on Facebook. She shared a photograph mid-way through the inking on January 19 and told her social media followers that she was 'satisfied' with how the permanent treatment looked.

But after sharing the photo, the bar worker was subjected to vile abuse. Mandy has now hit back at the criticism and said the tattoos 'suit her better' than the natural look. She shared the photo and wrote: 
'Still fresh, colour still leaves after, old form was tattooed with colour way!!! Am very satisfied!!! Supa Loading, I can only recommend us!!!

But the image received a lot more attention than Mandy, who is in a relationship, had anticipated.

The selfie, which shows Mandy make-up free and in a grey hoodie, has been shared more than 600 times, liked nearly over 2,000 times and attracted over 23,000 comments.
Many nasty commentators rushed to criticise her look, calling her eyebrows 'creepy' and 'awful'.

Another said added: 'Is everything okay in your head?'

While another person accused her of using a 'Sharpie' to draw them on.

Alongside emojis of a crying face laughing, one online user wrote: 'I think it's quite wonderful. Looks absolutely natural and bring total joy in your face....'

Facebook trolls also rushed to create memes of her eyebrows like. ..
However, others leapt to Mandy's defence and said it was up to her what she did to her face.
'The only thing around here is ugly, are your stupid primitive comments,' wrote one supporter. 'Every man as he feels comfortable. This society will always be cruel. Shame on you!'
While another added:
'Sorry but I don't find something nice but everyone should do what pleases him / her'
Another person on Mandy's side said: 'Stay just as you are!'

Mandy later posted a video saying 'these eyebrows suit me better'.

She also said the tattoo studio had designed the brows in line with her ideas.
Addressing the criticism on her Facebook page, she wrote:
'I have to walk around with these eyebrows, not you. You're actually fans, even if you don't want to admit it to yourselves.' 

Daily Mail

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