Adam Johnson loses it all as he is sacked by Sunderland after admitting child sex charges

Adam Johnson child.
I don't know why these men do it.You have the world at your feet,you earn £60,000 a week,play in a league where millions of boys dream of...You have a stunning girl friend,and then you lose it all by having liaisons with an under age 15 year old? Just crazy,i can't understand it...I don't know if i should feel sorry for Adam Johnson or if i should give him a dirty slap like we say in Nigeria.Sadly Adam Johnson's life is ruined for ever and it is most likely he is going to end up in jail..really sad story.
Now,Sunderland football club has officially sacked footballer Adam Johnson after the player admitted to Child sex and grooming charges in court this week.
Yesterday Thursday February 11th, Adidas also terminated the contract they had with the English footballer. With his trial set to continue today, Sunderland have confirmed their decision to terminate his contract having now had time to process his guilty plea.
 Last night,the club posted an official statement to that effect on their website.

''In light of Adam Johnson's guilty pleas, the club has today terminated his contract with immediate effect. The club will make no further comment.''
The player who had a £50,000 per week contract with the club was last year arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15 year old girl and child grooming her. He had been playing for Sunderland while the case was in court.

Ever since he had pleaded not guilty to all four charges leveled against him, but while in court on Wednesday accepted two charges; one on child grooming and the other on sex with a minor.

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