Floyd Mayweather and his 19yr old British girlfriend Rmarni Eliss

Floyd Mayweather and his 19yr old British girlfriend Rmarni Eliss

Floyd Mayweather and girlfriend.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend.
Floyd Mayweather will never learn with all these fast and gold digging women he keeps going for! Everyone can spot these women miles and miles away,so why do these entertainers or celebrities keep falling for them? Insecurity maybe.This new girl is said to have paid £600 to attend a function where she met Floyd.Now,what kind of 19 year old girl pays that kind of money to go see a boxer talk? Isn't it obvious she has a motive? But
hey,Floyd has all that money and he has got to spend it somehow..And trust me,these fast girls will spend it for him well...
The latest in line is this19 year old shop girl, Rmarni Eliss,she is from Dudley and is the new stunner who has knocked out the world’s richest sportsman Floyd Mayweather off his feet.
Rmarni Eliss who is an aspiring singer works in New Look and lives with her family in a modest semi home in the West Midlands.

 Rmarni Eliss and floyd mayweather
Floyd took Rmarni to the US on the his £40million private jet after meeting him at a personal appearance in Staffordshire last week. 
A close pal said: “She’s with Floyd in America. They are having fun.”
Rmarni shared photos and clips of her trans-Atlantic adventures with her 37,000 online followers.
In one video she wears a black lace dress that hugs every curve as Mayweather drapes his arm over her shoulder, beaming with pride, and says: “Tell them your story.”
She replies:

 Rmarni Eliss
“I’m here with the Floyd” – and he then chips in: “The one and only, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.”
The teenager – believed to be accompanied on the US trip by sister Relissa Ricketts, 21 – writes in one post on Instagram: “Floyd Mayweather made me and my family feel so comfortable. Thank you.”
One photo shows Rmarni curled up on a cream leather seat in Mayweather’s private jet, captioned with the phrase ‘Jet life’.

new floyd mayweather girlfriend  Rmarni Eliss
And in a video looking out from the aircraft, she reveals she’s flying from New York to Las Vegas courtesy of the champ.
All of which is a far cry from the town of Cannock where the pair met last Friday on the UK leg of his European Victory Tour.
Rmarni is believed to have paid £600 for a ticket at Bar Sport – one of eight UK venues where fans paid up to £2,000 for the chance to meet him in the first two weeks of this month.
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