Girl 18 kills her hair stylist, his girlfriend & their unborn child over weave dispute

18yr old girl kills her hair stylist his girlfriend & their unborn child over weave dispute
When is America going to realise they need to do something drastic about their gun laws? How many people have to die?I cannot believe some people still fight for this stupid stance to be maintained.
18 year old Shelby Isaacs (pictured left) has been arrested for allegedly killing her hair stylist Eddie Tate Jr., 38, and his girlfriend, Edwina Thomas, 33 (right). Edwina was heavily pregnant when she was killed. The police is charging Shelby with three counts of first-degree murder.

According to authorities, the couple was sitting in the car when Shelby approached them

and after arguing over a weave, she opened fire, killing Eddie on the spot. Edwina was rushed to the hospital but she and her baby died...

Edwin was the co-owner of a hair extensions, hair and wigs business called VirginHair4US.com and Shelby was a customer. She reportedly bought a weave she wasn't satisfied with. She approached Edwin for a refund or new hair and when Edwin refused, she went to find a gun.

According to police, the weave in dispute was not up to $100. Four lives wasted over a weave, sad!

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