Google forced to pay out to man who bought their domain for $12!

Google domain name.
Now,why doesn't things like this happen to me? I would love to be in a position where i can make a killing financially without lifting a finger!
For a minute (literally) Google’s domain name was swiped from right underneath their noses…the perp…ex- Googler, Sanmay Ved!
CNN money reports that Ved just happened to see that the domain Google.com was for sale
back on September 29th and he bought it for a mere $12! Shocked about his recent purchase, he took to his LinkedIn account to detail that he never expected the transaction to actually go through. “I was hoping I would get an error at sometime saying transaction did not go through, but I was able to complete purchase, and my credit card was actually charged!” he said.

Google domain transfer.
Ved continued to write that he just wanted to “see how far it could go”, but of course Google was like, ‘Not so fast ..It ain’t going down like that!’ So, the internet giant politely emailed Ved saying that they cancelled the transaction after only a minute!
Google wrote on their blog that they initially offered Ved the numerical version of the word, Google, which reads: $6,006.13 in order to keep him happy. Ironically enough, once Google learned that their former employee planned to donate that money to a charity, they decided to double their offer!
An India native, Ved chose to gift the Art of Living India Foundation with $12,012.26! They are dedicated to providing free education, disaster relief, female empowerment as well as many other initiatives in parts of India.
Apparently, Google regularly pays people that find glitches in their systems. Just last year, they paid $37,500 to an Android security researcher! I need some of that!
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