HERMES confirm that Linda Ikeji Hermes BAGS are FAKE!

Confirmation from Hermes to Linda that her bag was indeed fake...Eyaaaaaa

Linda Ikeji Hermes.
Hasn't been a good week for Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji.You will recall the current scandal about whether her designer Hermes purchased bags were fake or not.She had been engaged in a heavy debate online with a couple of ladies who were adamant her bags were indeed fake.Well,the makers of the bags,Hermes have comfirmed that the bags are indeed fake.Very sad for Linda's public persona.Linda still insists the bags are not fake,said she bought them in the UK FOR $14,000! An equivalent of N4.5m! Wow!! What Linda has to
realise is,the amount you payed for the goods is not what determines if its fake or not,she was scammed.The sellers of the Hermes bags know that they can't sell it cheap and make you believe its original,so they have to sell it for the actual price,i'm afraid they have Mugun-ed Linda.This is one of the negative sides of showing your belongings on social media constantly,you don't need it,cos then you are opening yourself to scrutiny.

Meanwhile ,as you will expect,people will kick you when you are down,one of Linda's arch enemies,Dabota Lawson was quick to take a shot at Linda and laugh at her in her moment of ridicule.But hey,all is fair in love and war,i'm sure Linda too would have carried this story if it had happened to Dabota,check out the shade Dabota threw Linda regarding the fake Hermes bag below..

Below are the various defensive posts Linda Ikeji shared online after Hermes did confirm that the bags were truly fake....
OK, let’s do this! 😛 let me leave my blogging and face this since Hermes has gotten involved! Hehe. The other pic in my walk in closet was apparently a bad one..made the black bag look like grey..so I’m taking another on my bed. Can someone cc hermes with the new images?? 😙 these pple can’t come and disgrace me here lol
Don’t worry my darlings, I’ll take all these down later but let’s clarify this. So, I bought the bag for 14 thousand dollars on Sloan Street, UK. In Naira, that would be how much again? That would be about N4.8m. Damn, Linda! 😆
Do fake Hermes also have numbers on the right flap?😉😉
And this is the back. Still looks like a fake? 😆 Biko cc Hermes!
the side of the bag. Oh and im snapping from my Banana Island mansion 😆😆 love this life.

Inside the bag! Yes, I have time this night! Oya..cc Hermes. These are better pics. 😆😆
The label..this lovely bag cost me more than these haters cars cost and they want to come disgrace me online? Lol. Lailai
That’s the bag’s raincoat! Do the fakers remember to include one in their fake bags?
I bought two at the same time cos I can afford it! And ive been looking for these babies for at least two years! I can afford to buy a N500m house but can’t afford a $14k bag? B**ch pls! 😅😅
And while we are still at it…this Dolce&Gabbana bag cost $10k. That’s how much now in Naira? 😆😆😉
The bags are back in their space! With the others.😜😜 Now..let’s get back to blogging *wink *
Same bag! You can close it or leave it open! 😛😛

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