How Emmanuella this is not my face is becoming a Big Comedy star!

How Emmanuella this is not my face is becoming a Big Comedy star!

emmanuella the comedian
Emmanuella this is not my real face.
This little girl has come from nowhere and taken the Nigerian comedy world by storm.Thanks to social media once again.The this is not my real face skit captured so many hearts and was very popular,Now Emmanuella the comedian is rising.Its so hard to believe she is all but 10 or something,i don't know her age,but i am sure at the very most she will be 12.
The young rising comedian, Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy who won a lot of people's
heart when she featured in a short comic video and acted a scene where she said 'This is not my real face', is now gradually becoming a star. 
One thing Emmanuella has however gained is that she is being loved. Emmanuella made her first appearance at Julius Agwu's recent show as an upcoming act for the first time on stage and also made another one over the weekend at Funnybone's show. 

She was showered with cash by a lot of people.I hope her parents are educated ,so they can man her career and not let her be taken advantage of.I also wonder who writes her materials.My favourite has to be the one she did about the big fish that swallowed uncle Jonah,the teacher tells her its impossible for a human to be swallowed by a whale,Emmanuella says well,when she gets to heaven she will ask uncle Jonah if this really happened.The teacher then counters that what if Jonah is not in heaven?And the reply from Emmanuella was priceless,she tells the teacher that if that is the case,when she gets to hell ,she can ask Jonah..That is real comedy,hilarious,i am still laughing.

Nigerian comedian emmanuella

This Emmanuella girl is good and her deliveries are just on point.Normally Nigerian child actors are the worst,they are so wooden and corny,not Emmanuella.Emmanuella is here to stay!

Emmanuella comedy Biography.

Emmanuella is 5 years old,she will be 6 in July 2016,she was born in 2010.I hope this is not a showbiz age,i find it hard to believe that she is only 5 years old.If she truly is then she is indeed a genius.
Here real name is Emanuella Samuel.
The young comedienne Is Mark Angel’s Cousin in real life.She Is In Primary one (Basic One). She also Won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015.
Watch Emmanuella comedy videos below...

This is not my real Face

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