Ibadan big boy Femi Lekuti aka “Danku Baba Imole“ down with stroke!

Ibadan big boy Femi Lekuti aka “Danku Baba Imole“ down with stroke!

Femi Lekuti stroke.
The recent lifestyle of popular Ibadan socialite, Femi Lekuti aka “Danku Baba Imole“ is a sad  one.Once again a case of ignoring warning signs and monitoring something as simple as blood pressure has put a young vibrant man in serious danger of his life.Its hard to imagine Femi down with a stroke,the man was a bundle of energy.
Now,the Ibadan big boy whose house at some point was a Mecca of sort for the big boys in town because of his spending spree has been deserted because he is down with

Femi Abiodun Lekuti, the ebony black husband of Yemisi and friend of Jesu Orobo used to be the favourite of many musicians back in the days. No party was complete without his presence.Danku had once ruled the social scene and commanded  great respect some decades ago which earned him the popular anthem ‘danku ara wa ni, ijinle pam pam!’  specially composed by the celebrated Fuji King-K1 Ayinde Wasiu Marshall.
Before he was hit by a stroke late last year, Lekuti was very broke after he lost the election of Ibadan South-West House of Assembly seat.
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As the story goes, Danku was at one of his friend’s party at a popular Event centre in Ibadan called Genesis. He was reportedly hit by stroke 3 days after attending the party at Genesis. Those who were there revealed that he enjoyed himself at the party even though he couldn’t spray like he used to do but he was thankful for the gift of life. He was said to have retired to his 2 bedroom flat around Apata area in Ibadan where he broke down.

Danku lives in Apata with his pretty wife who is a businesswoman. It was revealed that it is the proceeds from her meagre business that Danku’s wife uses to finance the family. She is said to be the only person who now takes care of her husband. This is because many who enjoyed the magnanimity of Danku in the past have all neglected him.
Not many will forget how Danku Baba Imole was praised to high heavens in the 90s by musicians. Fuji music star, K1 de Ultimate has a special Anthem he uses to eulogize him. Danku then used to spray money as if it was going out of fashion and he only sprays high denomination currency which has to be mint. A story was told of him at one event in Lagos in the 2000s where he allegedly sprayed from 4 am to 7 am.

An online news portal, www.papermacheonline.com who had a chat with Danku few days ago confirmed that he is actually suffering from stroke and he solicits the help of his friends. Hear him: “Yes, I’m battling stroke which has left part of my body in paralysis, right now I’m in Abeokuta where I was directed to seek traditional cure. Please reach my friends, tell them to help, I don’t want to die”, he said.

It is so sad when something like this happens because it is then you realise that all those hangers on are not friends.Danku probably thinks or thought he had friends,hence his call out to them.I really feel for him.He undoubtedly wasted enormous money which he could have used to set himself up in business for life,but not withstanding,you would have thought all those people he spent for will at least try to help him now.Just shows what kind of cold and wicked life this is.People are only interested in what they can get from you,and once they get it,if you are no longer useful to them ,they toss you aside and move on to the next victim!

Another thing that worries me about Femi Danku's case,is this traditional thing? Why? What he should be doing is looking for a way to go to South Africa or India where they have good hospitals and can treat his condition.Going to traditional doctors will only make him worse.He had a stroke not an incurable disease.He probably has high blood pressure,he can be treated and live a good life with medication.I wish him well.

Additional report by City People Magazine.
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