Late Hon Ukachi's family react to ex-husband's HIV allegations

Late Hon Ukachi's family react to ex-husband's HIV allegations

Late Hon. Ukachi's family react to ex-husband's accusations
On January 30th, the husband of late Ukachi Amaechi, Godwin Ekenulo accused Senator Hope Uzodimma of infecting his ex-wife with HIV/AIDS. (Read here). A family member to the late politician has reacted, calling Ekenulo a liar and a wife beater. Read his statement below...
Please I will request that Ukachi Amaechi should be allowed to Rest In Peace. However let me clear the issues raised by the so called ex husband - Godwin.
Ukachi went to one of the best primary school in Kano - St Louis as at the time, FGGC Owerri/Egbu Girls then proceeded to Unijos.
This cannot be of a child from a poor home. For avoidance of doubt, Ukachi’s dad, Godwin Amaechi is a chartered accountant who retired as GM, Finance Northern Breweries and the Traditional Prime Minister of Obinze Autonomous community. In addition John Amaechi - the father of ex NBA player John Amaechi was a Governorship aspirant under SDP in Imo State, so politics is common with the Amaechis and poverty does not have a place in us.

She met her ex husband after she won Miss Unijos in her first year in school. This marriage barely lasted for 7 years due to deceitful/fraudulent, woman beater  life of Godwin Ekenulo that goes about telling people he is from a wealthy home- that his father owns majority of shops in Alaba but cannot pay his immediate bills even up till date. Their last child (deceased) should be over 14years if alive - However Ukachi joined active politics less than 10years ago, so do your calculation that their 2 last kids died of HIV as a result of meeting a politician who infected her. When did Ukachi meet this Hope that infected her, was it in Jos or Lagos  where they had their four kids (one of the child in question died in Jos when she was in school).

As the marriage could no longer hold, Ukachi returned back to Amaechi compound where she joined politics in 2007, contested and won election for Imo House of Assembly as Ukachi AMAECHI representing Owerri West LGA. Any Igbo person will know that Ukachi will never be allowed to contest for election in Owerri West if she is married to a man from Amaigbo another LGA that those not even have boundaries with Owerri West LGA, as she will be asked to go to the husband's place to represent them rather than her father’s home.

Ukachi got divorced from a court of competent jurisdiction over 9years and moved on with her life.

This same Godwin Ekenulo was allowed to live in Amaechi's compound in a bid to see if their marriage can be mended as we do not believe in divorce but his nuisance value - beating Ukachi before the parents and the Amaechis was barred from entering the family hence his resolve to stock and embarrass Ukachi before her colleagues in the Imo House of Assembly between 2007-2011 up until the divorce was formalized.

This Godwin i understand is married with a child so why this blasphemy, Ukachi should not be used to score politically point against his opponent if there is any. Ukachi came, lived and should be allowed to REST IN PEACE to face any consequence with her maker.
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