Liberation City Church Pastor brings Dead Baby Resurrected To Life

Liberation city church pastor resurrects dead baby

  • Pastor Dr Chris Okafor brings dead baby to life.

  • How gullible can people be?I think it really has come to a time when the authorities should create a law that jails these charlatans who spread these fake miracles.I mean if a man gathers a congregation,fakes miracles,attracts hoards of people to his church and these people make contributions,isn't that another form of fraud? But unfortunately this won't happen,because a lot of the men who are supposed to make these laws are under the spell of the fake prophets!

  • According to this story a dead baby was prayed back to life” yesterday at the Liberation City Church by the pastor of the church Dr Chris Okafor.

    The six-month old child said to have been ill for weeks was brought to the church by her parents for prayers. Unfortunately, the child gave up the ghost as soon as they arrived the church. .

  • Her frantic parents eventually wept and pushed their way through to the podium where the man of God ministered to other people, and he immediately took the child from them and prayed fervently.

    Then he dropped the child on the altar and commanded her spirit to come back and the child moved! The congregation exploded in tumultuous praise as the child continued to move and even later drank some water!

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