Linda Ikeji war with fans who say her $8k Hermes bag is Fake!

Linda Ikeji war with fans who say her $8k Hermes bag is Fake!

Is Linda Ikeji Hermes bag fake

 Linda Ikeji fake Hermes bag

Uneasy really is the head that wears the crown.Some people really do enjoy coming for popular Nigerian and African No 1 blogger Linda Ikeji.Linda has had it all,from trols about her lack of boyfriend or husband,to her Banana Island house,Range Rover car and that time when her blog was closed down for a few days by Google.
So this time around ,its about a bag,a designer bag.Anyone that follows Linda will know she loves her designer accessories.She posted one of her new bags,a Hermes bag which apparently sells for $8k
or something ridiculous like that.She then said ,oh by the way i have another of these.

Linda Ikeji Hermes bag fight
Fake or real?Linda Ikeji Hermes bag.
NA SO THE WAHALA COME START O..Before you could say nice bag,some girls came for her saying the bag was fake..Surprisingly,Linda joined the conversation saying the bag can't be fake cos She was "too rich to buy a fake bag" Hmmm..Linda said it also said the bag can't be fake cos she was on the waiting list for 8 months and have over 100 bags,so she can spot a fake bag miles away! Sadly,Queen Olofofo here has no idea about these things,even if i have that money,it will not go on bags, are my thing..Moving on...

See confirmation here from HERMES to Linda that the bags are indeed fake!

The fake or no fake Hermes bag that caused Linda Ikeji wahala online.

This explanation did not wash,as those who said it was fake insisted it was fake.
Now this is what i think,maybe the bag is fake in the sense that Linda bought the bag in good faith,paying the going price for it.I don't believe Linda will intentionally buy a bag she knows its fake,its not like she can't afford it is it? Like she said herself,she can afford a house on Banana Island and a Range Rover but can't afford a Hermes bag?

Written by Queen Olofofo
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