Mad man reportedly cured by picture of Bishop Oyedepo.

Oyedepo cures mad man.
I don't know who makes up this ridiculous stories with a straight face,only yesterday did i see a ridiculous post about how a Nigerian Pastor got a girl to confess in church how they killed Dagrin and Michael Jackson because they did not fulfil their promises.She also said people like Jay Z and Rihanna were their members.How can anyone take a pastor like that serious? I will never know.

Anyway,the miracles continues, according to Ajise Efeturu who shared these photos and testimony on Facebook.The man in the pictures was said to have been cured of his madness after seeing a picture of Bishop Oyedepo.........

So he was mad,but remembers he was cured after seeing the pictures right? Which means even in his madness he knew what was going on?Hahahahahahaha,these people will not kill person o...lol
Above are before and after pics of the man in question. Below is what Ajise wrote;

"For seven years, Mr Isaiah has been mad but the picture of Bishop David Oyedepo dragged him to Living Faith Church Okpokunou in Delta state after the covenant hour of prayer this morning. God of Oyedepo healed him of madness. To God alone be all the Glory. We are truly in revival". 

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