Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson in enigmatic throwback picture

Michale Jackson and Marvin Gaye.
Two of my favourite artists and two of arguably the greatest artists ever,Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye,both dead coincidentally are seen here in deep conversation.You can't help but wonder what Marvin Gaye who at this point in his career had seen it all,was telling Michael.Michael was in his teenage years at the time of the picture.As you know,both legends were discovered and signed by the
legendary Motown label,under the guidance of Berry Gordy.

Marvin Gaye was the artist who famously opened the floodgates at Motown for black artists to take more control of their careers by embarking on the ambitious project in the name of the album,What's going on.Berry Gordon fought so hard to stop and discourage Marvin from releasing the album as he thought it would hurt his image as the love man and destroy his career.But the ever stubborn Marvin stuck to his guns and insisted,going as far as threatening never to record again for Motown.Well,Marvin won and the rest as they say is history.

Acts such as Stevie Wonder,The Temptations jump on this freedom of expression to make critical and social album.
Now back to that picture,could Michael have said something like,Uncle Marvin,i get so tense and stressed with all this commotion around me,what do you suggest i do to get over this? And Marvin casually answering,well Mike,when i get that feeling,i need sexual healing.

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