Picture of Singer Akon and his four wives?

Akon and his 4 wives.
Singer Akon really does have the best in life.The Senegalese American singer is a Muslim who believes in and practises polygamy.This picture above is reportedly a picture of Akon and his four wives! I have the rumours but had never seen their pictures before today.Now ,i don't know how this picture surfaced or if they are really his wives.I mean,how can one be certain 100% except Akon himself says so?
Some people frown at this way of life,they solely cos of religion don't believe in Polygamy,but i say if all parties are happy,who is anybody to complain? Also,if same sex marriage is now legal in most places,why can't polygamy be legal?
 But if they are his wives,he sure is keeping them happy cos they all look happy! Must be the music eh?Below are more pictures of Akon and his family...

 his children.

and his mother.


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