Ringgren Loven the Danish woman saving Nigerian children from witchcraft abuse

Ringgren Loven

This is Ringgren Loven, the Danish woman who rescued an abandoned child abandoned for alleged witchcraft in Uyo, shared photos of the everyday life in the orphanage, African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF). This includes schooling, study hall, enjoy, play, football matches and the daily tasks are carried out every day.This pictures are more user friendly and i can share them.The last pictures were too depressing,i just couldn't do the story.It showed little Nigerian children that had been abandoned by their parents and families because they believed they were witches or had witch craft.How can people still believe nonsense like this in this day and age? The kids looked so emaciated,it took me back to the sad days of the starving Biafra war children
More pics after the cut...
Ringgren Loven and nigerian children

Ringgren Loven children rescued

danish Ringgren Loven

Ringgren Loven with Nigerian children

Ringgren Loven Nigeria

Nigerian children with Ringgren Loven

Ringgren Loven in Nigeria

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