Senate threatens to jail Obasanjo, Jonathan or El Rufai over Abuja land grab

Senate threatens to jail Obasanjo, Jonathan or El Rufai over Abuja land grab

Nigeria senate probe on land grad deals
Land grabbing Nigeria.

I don't really see this happening personally,its the same old noise made by Nigerian officials.Corruption probes in Nigeria opens too many cans of worms,those who want to probe are all guilty so how can you go after your fellows who knows where all your dead bodies are buried too?
That not withstanding,The Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory has vowed to probe former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan as well as former ministers of the FCT and now governor of Kaduna state, El Rufai, over allegations of Land
grabbing during their tenures in office.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory, Senator Dino Melaye who spoke to journalist in Abuja yesterday February 10th, said the probe will not exempt any former Minister of the FCT or President, adding that as a government of change, it was prepared to send any one found guilty to Kuje Prison.

Melaye alleged that former FCT ministers allocated green areas designed for flood drains, city buffers, recreations, urban farming, reserved land and undevelopable areas to themselves and their friends.

“With this administration of change, it is no longer going to be business as usual. Permit me to remind FCT administration again by stating that this committee will not hesitate to ensure that all administrative anomalies, misappropriation of funds or misapplication of laws as the case may be, occasioned by the past administrations of FCT, are fully addressed. This is what justice demands in these circumstances; to right the wrongs. Therefore, the committee is worried and frowns on satanic and misleading advice and recommendation to convert very important and beautiful natural endowments or features which are very scanty like the world acclaimed Maitama Hills, popularly known as Ministers’ Hills, which could serve as a tourist attraction to the residents of FCT. I want to state here again that if the bourgeois of this country need a special allocation, a new district can be dedicated to them and not destroy the beauty of the city centre, a national monument like the Maitama Hills.”he said
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