Sunday Oliseh resigns as Nigeria coach-Reactions from Nigerians and NFF

Sunday Oliseh resigns
It was only 2 days ago that i was saying Sunday Oliseh the Super Eagles coach,will probably not last another year in the Super Eagles coaching job,well,i was way off mark,he didn't last another week is what i should have proclaimed.Really Nigerian football officials really disgust me.As this is only made possible because they cannot be probed or dictated to,as stupid FIFA are always quick to butt in and suspend Nigeria if the government interferes.How many more years do the guys want to keep
doing this nonsense for? Not paying coaches salaries,not playing players bonus and stuffs similar?

Now according to latest reports,the NFF are preparing to give the job to a foreigner for $100,000! They have paid Oliseh common N5m but are prepared to give the job to a foreigner?

Former personal assistant to Sunday Oliseh, Tijani Babangida revealed today that Sunday Oliseh decided to resign after he found out the NFF had already contacted former Ivory Coast coach Havre Renard to replace him. According to Babangida, Sunday Oliseh was incensed that NFF offered to pay Havre Renard $100,000 a month as salary while he was being owed four months salary of N5m.

“We saw this coming. Nothing is hidden. Oliseh was reliably informed that NFF went to talk to Herve Renard to take over the job as Super Eagles coach. This is one of the things that violated the contract he signed when he became coach,” Babangida said.

“He believes his employers are not supporting him to succeed; rather, they are planning for him to fail. Especially, with the crucial game coming up in a month’s time against Egypt for the AFCON qualifier. He feels if he is the problem, why will he be a stumbling block? Hence, his resignation.
"He resigned so that NFF can do what they want to do. With match bonuses owed, salaries not paid, camping allowances too. The house NFF promised him has not even been secured for him. So, where will he stay when he comes to Abuja? Hotel?'' ''So, many violations of his contract. No one can work like that. NFF cannot pay Oliseh N5million but they went promising Renard $100,000. This is sad. Why won’t he not resign?”
To top all that,the NFF have now reacted to Oliseh's resignation saying it is good riddance to bad rubbish.Hmm,the way these officials talk,is this the way they should talk about a former coach? Do they have to resort to gutter language?
The spokesman of the Nigerian football Federation, Ademola Olajire, in an interview with NTA today, said the federation heard of Oliseh’s resignation in the media and was yet to receive a letter from the coach as at when he was responding to the interview.
“As far as we are concerned, it is good riddance to bad rubbish. He is not the kind of person we though he was. Oliseh is gone and we have to move forward,” Olajire said
“He went on YouTube to abuse Nigerians. The Minister pleaded with the federation to allow him to remain in place for our next two matches. As you can see, he did not even wait for those matches.” he concluded
As at press time, the official NFF website, Instagram handle and Twitter had yet to comment on the issue. 

Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh reigns on twitter

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sunday oliseh resigns as Nigeria coach

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