Teenage Boy arm ripped off in Brooklyn trying to steal $150 Air Jordan Trainers!

Teenage Boy arm ripped off in Brooklyn trying to steal $150 Air Jordan Trainers!

zachary sam loses arm in air $150 jordan robbery

Zachary Sam.

This is a very strange case to deal with.A 17 year old thief has lost his arm in a rather vicious way.This is the teenage thief who had part of his right arm ripped off in Brooklyn yesterday after attempting to steal a pair of $190 Air Jordan 8 sneakers at gunpoint from a man who then ran him over.
 Now the question is did he deserve the treatment he got from the victim he was trying to rob at gunpoint? Was the victim still in danger bearing in mind that the robber had gotten out of his car and was now moving away? I think its one of those cases that you have to be involved to really know what you will do in that situation.You see a man who just robbed you at gunpoint escaping,do you leave him to get away or stop him at all costs?Well,the victim chose the latter and is now facing an attempted murder charge.Personally,i think if you rob anyone at gunpoint,you deserve anything that happens to you afterwards.

17 year old Zachary Sam is still in hospital today after losing his right arm below the
elbow. Meanwhile, the man he was trying to rob, father-of-three Philippe Pierre, 39, appeared in court today charged with attempted murder where his lawyer argued that Sam 'got what he deserved' during the bungled theft.

According to the New York Daily News, attorney James P. Harding said:

 'I don’t mean to be harsh, but I think Mr. Sam in a sense was getting what he deserved.
'My client is an absolute victim in this case. I’m astonished (Pierre) has been charged ... He was trying to make an honest dollar for his family.'
Harding also attempted to paint the incident as a tragic accident, saying Pierre was attempting to turn his car around, call the police and avoid getting shot when the vehicle lurched forward.

CCTV of the incident shows Sam walking up to Pierre's car and getting into the passenger seat, at which point police say he pulled out a revolver and took the shoes from Pierre.

zachary sam loses arm in air jordans robbery

zachary sam air jordan thief loses arm in Brooklyn

Speaking in court today, Harding said that Sam held the weapon to Pierre's head, telling him:

'Make a move and I’ll kill you. You’ll do exactly what I say.' 
Footage of the incident then shows Pierre making a U-turn and driving headlong at Sam, pulling him under the wheels and slamming him into a metal fence, tearing part of his right arm off.

Despite his severe injuries, Sam can be seen squirming out from under the car and struggling with Pierre and several bystanders before fleeing up the street.
According to ABC Sam left his arm behind at the scene, along with the gun, and footage shows his sleeve flapping loosely in the wind as he runs.

According to reports, the boy managed to climb on to a bus further down the street, stunning passengers with his heavily bleeding arm.

The driver is reported to have stopped the bus, allowing Pierre to catch up who then held Sam until the police and ambulance arrived. 

The bus Sam ran into and Pierre's crashed car are pictured below. Sam was taken to hospital in critical condition and is now reported to be serious but stable. Doctors had attempted to reattach his hand, but it is unclear if they were successful, Dailymail reports.

Police say that when he is well enough he will be taken to jail and charged over the armed theft.
Meanwhile Pierre has also been taken to jail and charged with attempted murder.

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