Toyin Aimakhu attacked online for sharing Valentine message with new love

seun elegbede toyin aimakhu new boyfriend

Toyin Aimakhu and Seun Elegbede.
I have no idea what is wrong with people especially Nigerians when it comes to minding our own business! Toyin Aimakhu was viciously attacked on her instagram page because she shared a loving message that suggests she has a new boyfriend.
The new man in question is Seun Egbegbe.
Now.its not like this man is married to someone else or he is dating one of this so called
righteous people,so why attack the poor girl? What business is it of anybody if she decides to date again after her marriage break down? The irony is,Toyin left her ex,Adeniyi Johnson because of his philandering.The man reportedly had so many girl freinds,but Toyin is not supposed to have a boyfriend now that the marriage is over? Is there a written law which says you can only move on after X amount of weeks or months when your marriage breaks down? Hmmm,bunch of hypocrites...Toyin Aimakhu and her husband are history,so she has the right to open a new chapter in her life,whether she is wrong or right,its her life and she can live it as she chooses to.

This is what Toyin wrote on her instagram page that started all the wahala...
 Thanks to GOD for using you to bring happiness back to my life,u will never know sorrow and happiness will not be far from u may GOD continue to bless and uplift u and may GOD give me the strength to be able to pay u back and to all my fans thanks so much for your support and undying love cos without u there's no me,thanks thanks thanks...happy valentine to you all and always remember that I love and appreciate u all..#teamtoyinaimakhu #happinessisallthatmatters
She also shared a cryptic message which may be for her estranged husband ,Adeniyi Johnson,who cheated on her.

Toyin Aimakhu and husband boyfriend
Toyin Aimakhu and new boyfriend seun elegbede

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