TY Bello finally finds Agege Bread seller model after search(photos)

TY Bello finally finds Agege Bread seller model after search(photos)

Agege bread seller model.

So maybe you heard about the Agege bread seller who caught TY Bello's eye when she inadvertently appeared in a photo shoot of Tinie Tempah.

TY Bello was photographing British act Tinnie Tempah when this Agege bread seller pass by, after uploading the pic on her page, everyone was complimenting the Agege bread seller thinking she was some super model to cut long story short,TY Bello made a post that if she can track her down she will help boost the young lady Modelling career. Guess what she has been found! 

Checkout her out after they glammed her up and all.Funnily,i think she looks better as a bread seller than with all the make up.I think that haircut is terrible,they should have cut it much shorter with a better shape.

SHE.Every one has been asking if this lady is a model .. It was just perfect coincidence ... She just happened to be walking by while I photographed . It happened so fast .She definitely SHOULD be a model. .. I'm happy to help her build a portfolio if she's interested .She's so beautiful and photographed so well. I'll find a way to track her down somehow . You guys can also help 

And they found her!!! 

So I found her ...our beauty from the @tiniegram shoot and boy have I got a fantastic story to share with you all. 
Right here is an amazing 27yr old mother of two , Jumoke Sunday with an incredible life 

story .I called on three amazing artists @bimpeonakoya for beautiful makeup 

.. @zubbydefinition for hair and @emaedosioto make a short documentary about her .. 

Every one gave a yes !on the spot . They were all at the studio within an hour and we had the most amazing shoot with her. I've also spoken to a few people about the best way to help 

move her forward and reunite her with her family . ... The process has already begone and I'll figure out the best way to have anyone who wants to be part of the journey .Meeting and 

photographing her has inspired us all and we can't wait for the good that will come to her 

from all of this to unfold . She doesn't speak English well but here ,she was explaining how 

she found us . I had sent an assistant , as many of you advised ,to leave a message with the people in the area where we photographed her... So here she is .. #Olajumoke#tybellophotography #findingjumoke #thebeginning

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