Agege Stadium NPFL football match under floodlights excites Nigerians!

The huge crowd that came to see MFM Fc and Kano Pillars at Agege Stadium under the floodlights.
Agege stadium hosts floodlit football match
I did say the other day that Nigerian football fans were slowly coming back to local football matches.Well,the game today between  MFM FC and Kano Pillars has once again proved that.It was played at the Agege Stadium under flood lights and was a sell out!
The match ended 1-1 and impressed spectators have since taken to social media to share
beautiful pictures taken at the stadium…..3 Weeks ago,we saw a match featuring Kano Pillars at home against Enugu Rangers,it was an absolute sell out! Huge crowd.Just like it used to be back in the vibrant days of Nigerian football before the Chelseas Manchester Uniteds,Arsenals and Barcelonas of the world took them all away.
There is a big industry waiting to explode and just like the local music scene and movies took off big,i only hope the football scene can do the same.

Just imagine the industry it will open up if we get more matches like the one at Agege Stadium.More sponsorships in Nigerian football,more kids wanting to play,food being sold at matches,memorabilia being sold.When i was a kid they used to sell flags,caps of football clubs in thousands outside stadiums.Now jersey sales will follow..There is so much that can be achieved.The English Premiership for example is a multi billion industry.Who says Nigerian football can't become a multi million dollar industry?
With many more matches like the one at the Agege stadium under floodlights and the recent one at the Kano Pillars stadium,it is very possible!

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