Dino Melaye biography,the man the enigma,the cars,women and controversies!

Dino Melaye biography,the man the enigma,the cars,women and controversies!

dino melaye biography

Dino Melaye biography,cars,and Bisi Ibidapo Obe.

Is there a Nigerian senator right now who is richer than senator Dino Melaye? I am sure there are many,just shows you how loaded Nigerian politicians are.Maybe i should have taken that career path myself.Dini Melaye comes in all shapes of forms.He is controversial,opinionated,extravagant,loves the good life,but most of all absolutely crazy about cars! I don't think many people anywhere in the world have a better car collection than Dino Melaye.He is living every young man's dream.Oh,Dino
loves the women too..or is it the other way round?

Dino Melaye biography is a hell of a read.From his rise to the very top of Nigerian politics to his not so private personal life,i am sure you all saw the headlines Dino Melaye impregnates actress.This was a messy period in the senators life,i am sure he did not enjoy his life being spalttered all over the blogs and soft cell magazines.Dino Melaye and Bisi Ibidapo Obe saga played out for such a long time in the Nigerian press,she was the actress who was said to have had a baby by Dino which he denied was his.

Then there are the cars,which have been said to be all sorts,Bugatti,Rolls Royce,Ferrari,Lamborghini,G Wagon Mercedes,rare classic cars,just name it..the senator has it.

Senator Dino Melaye’s 2015 Rolls Royce
Senator Dino-Melaye’s executive cars and a bottle of customised wine.
Dino Melaye wife.
Dino Melaye wife and children
Dino Melaye and his ex wife.
The first time i actually heard about Dio was when he had a very public break up with his wife.He was all over the press and i wondered who this man getting so much coverage was.The wife alleged Dino had abused her physically and posted a picture of her injuries with blood.The senator denied this.It is hard to tell what really goes on between a husband and wife.The couple are now divorced.A lot of Nigerians took the side of the wife and called Dino all sorts of names during the saga.A popular headline was Dino Melaye show of shame.
I personally don't know if the senator deserved those headlines,like i said,we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors.
This episode led Dinoi Melaye to become a popular feature in Nigerian blogs and soft cell magazine.It was not unusual to find him in Linda Ikeji's blog every week.
Thankfully for him,those kind of stories have been rare in the press lately.Although only a few days ago,he was involved in a tussle with Governor Oshiomhole who was angry that Melaye insinuated that his wife was an imported wife.Can't stopping laughing about that.
But now a days,you are more likely to find Dino in the news for his cars,his beautiful mansion or him raising a point in the Nigerian senate.Senator Dino Melaye is an enigma,don't be surprised if this man finds his way into Aso Rock as a Vice President in the nearest future.

Senator Dino Melaye renovating his 6.5million mansion in Abuja
dino melaye super car
Dino Melaye car.
dino melaye car one

dino melaye car two

Inside Dino Melaye house.
dino melaye mansion house
Dino Melaye amazing house in Abuja worth millions.
Inside Dino melaye mansion house abuja
Dino Melaye inside his mansion.
Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye is a stalwart of the All Progressive Congress(APC), one time member house of representatives representing the dynamic people of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu, incumbent senator representing Kogi west senatorial district and Chairman Senate Committee on FCT.
The journey has not been a tarred and smooth one in terms of legislative and oversight function within the chamber and the general outlook of events in the country – a distraction too expensive to playback and despite all, Senator Dino Melaye is shoning like a million star to the admiration of his fans, colleagues and his adversaries. Mention 109 Senators, and one name will stand out; Dino Melaye’s doggedness in his early days at the lower legislative chamber were taken for granted. But his continuous believe in people oriented leadership won him the mandate to represent us at the upper chamber.
Senator Dino Melaye fondly called Dino, has so far sponsored a handful bills and motion in the house despite attempts by the cabals benefitting from the non-passage of this bill, Dino has pushed on not minding whose ox is gored to ensure good representation.
Constituency Project is a core responsibility of every elected personnel. However, since there are no standard gauges to measure performances, it is safe to say many can get away with funds meant to cater for the constituency, payment of tution fees and obtaining free jamb forms provided by Dino Melaye to improve education Standard in the State. Dino’s Employment project into NDLEA, SUBEB, SURE-P, FIRS, CUSTOMS, and TEACHING SERVICES etc have been commended by Kogites at home and in the Diaspora. Electricity and Solar powered Motorized Borehole in about 15wards and various construction of roads, drainages and massive erosion control projects are but a few of Dino’s gleaming achievement within four(4) years at the lower chamber, For this reason, general believe is; he will achieve more if we are patient with him and put away side talks from oppositions who dont have the interest of the masses at heart.
Voice For the Voiceless: We are living at a time where it is more rewarding to keep quiet in the face of injustice as long as our relatives, friends are not involved. The former house of reps member; Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye stands out among his peers when issues affecting the youths are on the front burner. Silence is golden, but not in the face of injustice; Dino Melaye constantly engages with the youth via social media platforms to feel their pulse in order to act accordingly. His many goodwill initiatives will soonest earn him the status as the ‘most user friendly’ senator in Nigeria; always precise and hitting the nail on the head without mincing words. Often regarded as a no nonsense politician revered by those in the opposition, Dino has carved a niche for himself as the mouth piece of Nigerian 

Here are some of the senators chieftaincy titles...
  • Otunba of Bunu Kingdom
  • Arogundade of Ogagi
  • Amuro Olugbayi of Gbede
  • Gbeluro of Ogidi
  • Ariwajoye of Ekinrin Adde
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