Fans endanger their lives at Nigeria Egypt match with 40,000 packed in stadium

Crowd at Nigeria Egypt match Kaduna.
How could the Nigerian authorities have allowed so many fans to pack into the Kaduna stadium to watch the Nigeria Egypt  match?Fans on the sitting on the score board,floodlights and unsafe structures left Nigerians watching at home and all over the world in shock! We actually averted a big disaster simply cos we drew the match.Can you imagine what would have happened if Nigeria had scored a last minute winning goal? What would have happened from the celebrations that ensued? People would have been falling from the top of the score boards and floodlights,fans would have
been crushed! Heads definitely has to roll for this.
Nigeria hosted Egypt in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match on Friday and a lot of fans turned out to watch it live. So many in fact, that they crammed into every nook and cranny of the stadium. 
It was said that the stadium which was supposed to hold 25,000 ended up holding 40,000 fans! Jesus wept!

I cannot understand why a country with so many bigger and better stadiums will go and hold such an important match in such a small stadium.Also the way the National Stadium Surulere has been ignored and allowed to degenerate is absolutely disgraceful.But then again,what's new? This is Nigeria where we have no culture for maintenance.
See more pictures of the 40,000 crowd at the Nigeria vs Egypt match after the cut.
Nigerian fans sitting on the floodlights during Nigeria Egypt game in Kaduna,how did they get up there?

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