FG Sets up panel for Queens College Lagos sexual assault case against Teacher Olaseni Osifala


  • The Queens college Lagos Nigeria sexual assault case against a male teacher, Olaseni Osifala has taken a new turn with the intervention of the Federal government and about time too.

  • The FG in a statement by the Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations, Federal Ministry of Education, Ben Goong, announced that it had set up a panel to investigate the allegations that a JSS 2 female student of Queens College, Yaba, Lagos was sexually assaulted by a male teacher Olaseni Osifala. The panel was given two weeks to submit its report.

  • Many past students have gone online to support the accusations against Olaseni by saying he had attacked them in the past as well.A girl said she left Queens College 10 years ago and even then there were strong rumours against Olaseni.Another posted a message in 2012 saying she stopped going to Biology classes because of the teacher.

  • The story has generated a lot of debate with the Old students of Queens College in particular being outraged when they saw their student supposedly dragged into the saga by making them take part in a protest.

What makes the situation more crazy is that the girls were supposed to be studying for the examinations.On careful look at the placards carried by the students,it was evident that the same person had written all the messages on the placards,suggesting a contrived protest.

We all wait to see the outcome of the enquiry.

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