How Nigerian Davido's Youtube Views saved him from American Police

  • Davido has it all,money,music,fame and Youtube views which are playing an important part to get him out of jams with the American police.
    Nigerian super star Davido’s flamboyant lifestyle almost put in trouble with the law in the U.S after police officers reportedly entered his house suspecting he must be a fraudster to be living in such a house.

  • The multi-award winning singer, whose father is reportedly worth $300 million, expressed his displeasure at the way the American police keep harassing him anytime he is in town because of his lavish lifestyle.

  • One of Davido's many Youtube hits,Aye video.

  • It was gathered that when the cops entered his house, Davido told them he is a superstar from Africa, but they doubted him until they saw that he has over 100 million views on YouTube and apologised.
    Davido and American rapper Meek Mill in Fans Mi video,also a hit on Youtube.

  • . “Mehn my YouTube views has saved me from police in America so many times … Make dey leave me,” the singer took to Twitter to talk about his ordeal.

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