Ini Edo slams fans and critics of her AMVCA 2016 outfit

Ini Edo  AMVCA 2016 outfit

Ini Edo has reacted to the critics who criticized her AMVCA outfit.I must say i didn't think the outfit was appropriate as well.It looks like a wedding gown to me.Anyway,Miss Edo disagrees and she had a word or two to say about this,see below...
Now this beautiful work of art was designed and made by one man which Is what I call excellence in craftsmanship that lots of people can not boast of being successful at any form of craftsmanship or talent yet they are quick to judge n
insult people who invest their time into productive creativity...keep your senseless unsolicited opinions to your self comment on ur pages and stay clear of my page if all u have to say is discredit other people's hardwork . It's only an ugly mind that would call this ugly. Enough said. @ jbliving designer of life"

Ini edo dress to amvca slammed by fans and crtitics

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